Telling The Time Game11-10-2019 | 08:42:44 | No Comments

Our Year 2 children have really enjoyed playing this game which has tested their ability to tell the time.

It can be enjoyed by other year groups too though, as there are 3 different levels of difficulty.

Have fun!

Times Tables Bowling Game11-10-2019 | 08:36:35 | No Comments

In Year 2, our children have loved playing Times Tables Bowling.

It can be played by children from any year group though, as you are able to select the multiplication tables of your choice to be tested on before playing the game.

Have fun!

More Than & Less Than18-09-2019 | 09:47:35 | No Comments

In Year 2, we have been comparing numbers. The children particularly enjoyed this video about the more than and less than symbols. Take a look…

Odd and Even Numbers18-09-2019 | 09:42:44 | No Comments

In Year 2, the children have really enjoyed playing the Coconut Odd or Even game with numbers up to 99. Have a go…

Commutative Law of Addition18-09-2019 | 09:39:32 | No Comments

In Year 2, we used the video below to teach the children that addition can be done in any order. Take a look…

Place Value Basketball18-09-2019 | 09:36:45 | No Comments

In Year Two, the children have really enjoyed playing this game on the interactive whiteboard to reinforce their understanding of numbers up to 99. Perhaps you could have a go with them on your computer or tablet…

Numberblocks07-11-2018 | 15:23:51 | No Comments

Follow the link above to watch episodes of Numberblocks on BBC iPlayer.

The videos are excellent for our younger children who are at the beginning of their journey learning about number.

Key Stage 1 x Table Superstar!25-10-2018 | 09:08:35 | No Comments

A massive well done to Devan Gautam of 2P who has won our new Key Stage 1 weekly award for his fantastic efforts on Times Tables Rock Stars.

When Devan began playing on Times Tables Rock Stars, his baseline speed was 17.65 seconds. His average score is now down to a much improved 8.57 seconds. It has been clear to see how much Devan has been practising his Times Tables at home because he has won a whopping 44,159 coins.

Well done Devan who gets to keep the impressive trophy over half-term. He will return the trophy before our next Celebration Assembly when our next winner will be announced 🙂

More Than, Less Than & Equal To24-10-2018 | 08:25:09 | No Comments

In Year 2, we have recently been looking at comparing two numbers. We used the video below to help us understand the concept of the more than, less than and equal to symbols.

10 more 10 less24-10-2018 | 08:21:58 | No Comments

In Year 2 we have recently done a lesson on finding 10 more and 10 less of a number.

We used the video below to help us understand this concept.


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